Frequently Asked Questions


You can buy tickets here
Remaining tickets will be available same day at the door.


Are not allowed on festival area.


  • VIP 12:00
  • General: 13:15
  • Doors closes at 23:30

How to get there by bus

Bus no 5 is the shortest route from Malmö Central Station, you get off at Malmö Annelund and walk 5 minutes.
If you want to arrive even closer take bus no 32 and get off at Malmö Sofielund.
Bus no 35 from Gustav Adolfs Torg takes you the nearest, get off at Malmö Lönngården.
Busses runs all night, but please double check.

How to buy bus tickets

The local (green) busses allow buying tickets with cards onboard, or you can download the app called Skånetrafiken. You can also buy tickets in a ticket machine. It’s cheaper for two grown-ups to buy a ticket together than two grown-ups buying a ticket each.

How to buy train tickets

Ticket machines at the station. Nearest stop, local (purple) train, is Persborg Station.

How to get there by car

Plan B. Address: Norra Grängesbergsgatan 26B, 214 50 Malmö When you see Roots Kombucha you have arrived. There are no parking at the venue, only in the street.


Parking is allowed around Plan B, make sure to use the correct parking app to pay your fee. Do not leave any belongings in your car.

First Aid

The emergency number in Sweden is 112.
Make sure all emergency exits are free, and not blocked.
Please turn to a crew member if you are in need of help.

Food and drinks

Are available at fair prices. Vegan food is available at the same price.

Lost and found

At the entrance.

Merchandise & signing sessions

From the entrance; second door to the left (if that is a WC, try the third door).
Signing sessions will be shortly after the concert.
Times will be posted in the Merch area.


As most stores and restaurants in Sweden we prefer card rather than cash.


Please book a taxi by phone or ask a local doing it for you. Only use registered Taxis.
Always give your destination to the driver before you enter the cab and ask for the total price.
Two trusted companies:
+46(0)40-911 911 – Taxi Malmö
+46(0)40-979797 – Taxi 97

Zlatan court

It takes 15 minutes of walking from Plan B.
Very easy, turn right out on the street and then right again on Amiralsgatan, but please use Google maps and don’t get lost.

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